We have received a second dose of some much needed rain in our dry land . . . Praise the Lord!  The whole ranch was covered in a small hailstorm for a few minutes, then a downpour and finally a quiet steady rain.  Of course, Kirk had to go see the results so Mazie and I joined him in touring what we could of the ranch.  Here are some pictures of the three ponds closest to our house.

The rain turned in hail within minutes

Hail! Good thing Kirk put all the vehicles under cover!

I took this picture of the big pond near our house as lighting struck behind the mesa.

This is the overflow from a little pond to the right in this picture. Looks more like an irrigation canal!

The big pond by our house beginning to overflow (right side of picture).

Another little pond in front of our house into which the big pond overflowed across the pasture. Eventually it flooded across our driveway and into the creek.


~ by Elisabeth on July 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Rain!!”

  1. I am not sure which I am more excited about…. the rain for you guys or two blog posts from you in as many days!!! YAY for both!!!

  2. So awesome! Looks great!

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