As I was sleepily doing my bible study this morning, the Lord showed me things in my heart that awoke me with a jolt.  There are many things I struggle with such as arrogance, jealousy, pride, unforgiveness, impatience, a lack of compassion, just to list a few (did I mention that I hate them all?!).  I’ve even had compassionate friends try to tell me that I do have compassion.  Point is, I know the ugliness of my heart.  The compassion I have for a few people is a start, but it’s not good enough.  Our world wants us to feel great about ourselves if we give away a few presents at Christmas, if we give a homeless person some food.  The message is clear, “see, you’re a good person.”  Well I’m a realist.  A little compassion is not enough.  Sure, I can give some gifts and food on my own, but only through Christ living in me can I give more.  I may be able to feel compassion for a moment, but do I think it everytime an impatient driver cuts me off?  Do I feel it for the family with six snotty nosed kids interrupting my peace?

Who in the world does not want to feel that their life meant something?  That it was important?  That someday they will leave their mark on this earth as if to leave proof of their existence?  I do.  But for a long time I got lost in what our world defines as significance.  A great education, an outstanding career, financial success, beauty.  The Lord showed me that these are things that point to me.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, but what is so lasting about it?  Once we die, that’s it on this soil.  Sure there may be Trump tower, but that someday will crumble.  Someone’s invention may be written in books, but someone else will come along who will invent something greater.  What is lasting on this earth?  The one true God.

How often I forget the power of He who lives in me!  The power to forgive (and most of you know who I’m talking about!).  The strength to serve Him when the world says serve yourself.  The power to forgive me of my ugly heart and my daily sins.  The power of a love that says you are perfect just the way I created you, come follow me, let me show you all that I want you to be!  The power to have compassion beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.  The power to say I am so wrong, please forgive me for my foolishness.

So many people don’t understand Christianity.  They are just like I used to be.  It’s a great gift that Jesus died for my sins.  However, my sins are pretty major.  The bible is full of great advice, but a little too extreme for me.  Oh, how wrong was I!  I can never out-sin God.  He has already forgiven me, he is just waiting for me to ask for it so I can receive it.  The bible is a blueprint for life.  No, I can’t live that way by my own strength, but I can do ALL things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me.  I cannot change my ugly heart on my own.  I can do some repairs, but not a complete remodel.  I am learning how wonderful it is to let Jesus change me.  The crazy thing is, He doesn’t show me my ugliness to condemn me.  He shows me my ugliness so He can purify me.  That is just too amazing for my little mind to comprehend! 

I want to live a life of significance.  Oprah does too, but she is missing the mark.  I can do things on my own, but without Christ in me, my life will look like a lot of other lives.  However, if I seek His mercy and forgiveness daily, seek His strength to follow Him, ask for His will to be done in my life, this vapor of a life will leave a mark.  He has a purpose for each of us.  Living in His will is so much more wonderful than I ever imagined!  It is by the far, worth whatever it takes!


~ by Elisabeth on August 27, 2008.

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